Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick Crow Lady

Hey guys, been a REALLY long time since I've posted anything. Been crazy busy what with school, internship, and the random sicknesses that seem to be plaguing Washington this winter. Anyway, nothing I've done for school has been good enough to post but here's a super quick concept I did for class. Original thumbnail by Jeffery Barros. The idea was that we'd spend two weeks developing an idea and then the idea would be taken from us and given to another classmate. So I lost punk rock orcs and gained murder crow trench coat. Wasn't too married to the new idea but I thought the idea turned out decent anyway.


Josh said...

oh and BOOBS!!!

Mitchell Stankowicz said...

The composition needs to extend further downward.

Jason Acosta said...

boobs are ALWAYS a good idea. any by the way, thanks to the magic of google reader, i NEVER miss your posts. hope you are well. kick that crohns right in the balls for me, will ya?