Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mech Starting Texture

For those of you who are paying attention, I posted my concept and original model for this guy back in January. Now that it's summer I finally have had time to unwrap and texture him. Also the poly count is dramatically lower. Right now he's sitting at about 4500 polygons where as he was originally three times that many. He's nowhere near complete but I figured I'd throw him up here anyway. We'll see how he looks in the next couple weeks.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well life has been crazy lately, and in between finals, moving into a new place, and being sick I haven't had much time to do stuff. But there have been a few moments in between where I've been able to take a break and do a little art on the side. I've recently started sketching in photoshop which is nice. It didn't take me nearly as long to adjust to drawing with a tablet as I thought it would. Anyway, I haven't had time to finish anything but here are a couple WIPs for you guys to check out, there are a bunch of sketches I've been working on also but nothNot sure if I'm liking the middle one, but the other two are turning out relatively decent. The top one has been fun, I very rarely do environment stuff so it has been a welcomed change of pace.