Thursday, December 18, 2008

Couple Environment Shots

Hey guys, I'm out of town so I can't get better shots than this but these were a couple of renders I did of my environment for the game. The environment is by no means complete. Still have a lot of work to do for next semester. I was pretty happy with how the house came out though. Anyway, I had the renders on my flash drive and figured I'd throw them up here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Power Struggle

This next set was a collaboration between Kevin Hart, Jeffery Barros, and myself. We had to come up with a quick game idea and concept it all out. We knew we weren't going to actually make the game so we went with something that would be fun to design characters for and just stick with a simple game as far as gameplay goes. Our hypothetical game was a generic Real-time Strategy where three civilizations grew around a specific, single source of energy... and then they fight. I wish we had had more time to flush out the idea, the concept was a lot of fun to design around.

Before we started we did a lot of studies on Team Fortress 2. A game (if you somehow don't already know) made by ValveHere I took the silhouettes from Team Fortress 2 and sketched in the forms

With this I took a few notes on the style we were going to try and aim for with our game

So with that done we started working on our own individual designs. Kevin was in charge of the guy from the gasoline nation guy, Jeffery did solar power, and I did nuclear power. Anyway long story short, they gave their designs to me, I redrew them and then Kevin painted them all. There's always room for improvement but given our deadline, I think we did a decent job.

Kevin's Gas based design
Jeffery's Solar Power
And my Nuclear dude

So yeah, there you go.

Mike Mignola is the Man

Since it took me so long to get this blog up and running I have a lot of backed up pieces that I'll be randomly posting from time to time. This first set is from my character design class last year.

This was kind of an interesting assignment. We had to do a Gundam Lord of the Rings in the style of a specific artist. I chose Mike Mignola for his awesomeness

When this last picture got posted at school they removed the drawing of Gimli sitting on the pot. I considered it a landmark day, the first time I was censored.

But yeah, just a quick and fun assignment. It's always interesting to REALLY study somebody else's style. Especially one as interesting as Mike Mignola.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hooligans Model

Hey guys, got some renders of the in-game model I've been working on. Not quite happy with the texture yet, a lot of it is too subtle to show up from the distance it's going to in game. Anyway, I used 3DSMax and the character ended up being about 900 polygons. For more stuff on our awesome game you should check out Brittany's blog. Hooray for having an awesome producer.

The standard 3 views

A few poses taken from the animations I have. Also the red version of the texture.

And there you go. The character's progress thus far. There are a couple problems here and there with the model but overall I think they turned out pretty decent. It was a lot of fun. I'm excited to start working on the texture for Jami's model. Anyway, see you guys later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

An Epic Introduction

Alright well I suppose I should start with an introduction.

Hi, my name is Josh Stanger. I am currently attending Digipen institute of technology. I am a junior. When I grow up I want to be a character artist. Concept art would be awesome, game design is cool, and modeling is a blast. So anything in that area is great. Still got a lot of work to do but yeah, guess that's me.

Well lets see, I guess I'll start with my major project I'm working on right now. It's a game called "Hooligans." We've got three programmers (Ian Good, Casey Mathews, and Brittany Aubert) and two artists (Jami Lukins and me) working on the game. All of them are awesome people. Seriously.

But anyway, enough boring stuff.

These are some quick rough sketches I did last summer when I was first was thinking up how the game would look. I hadn't done many kids so I was still figuring stuff out.

I actually ended up going with one of the earlier sketches I did. Always nice when that happens.

I did these kinda just for fun.

The sketch for the box art/poster for the game

The mostly done painted version.

So yeah, there you go. Next time I'll throw some 3d renders up here. Thanks guys