Thursday, January 29, 2009

It is Done

*deep exhale*
It is finally done. I just sent the application. It is now out of my hands and into Blizzard's. I feel pretty good about what I ended up with. Now even if I don't get the internship I can at least feel good about giving it my best. Here are a couple pages of my portfolio with drawings I haven't posted here yet. Nothing special, just didn't want to have a post with no pictures because really, who cares what I have to say?


Jason Acosta said...

Wow the buff dude turned out great! Good luck with the internship...let us know when you get in. And anytime you need me to model a tuff dude for you again...just let me know. Good luck! Looks Great!

BusinessWritingisaJoke said...

Did you ever hear back from blizzard? Do you know when applicants hear back? Its been awhile.

Josh said...

No, I probably didn't get it. The real bummer though is that they didn't say how long they would take to decide and they sent us an email saying they wouldn't let us know if we didn't get it.