Sunday, December 7, 2008

Power Struggle

This next set was a collaboration between Kevin Hart, Jeffery Barros, and myself. We had to come up with a quick game idea and concept it all out. We knew we weren't going to actually make the game so we went with something that would be fun to design characters for and just stick with a simple game as far as gameplay goes. Our hypothetical game was a generic Real-time Strategy where three civilizations grew around a specific, single source of energy... and then they fight. I wish we had had more time to flush out the idea, the concept was a lot of fun to design around.

Before we started we did a lot of studies on Team Fortress 2. A game (if you somehow don't already know) made by ValveHere I took the silhouettes from Team Fortress 2 and sketched in the forms

With this I took a few notes on the style we were going to try and aim for with our game

So with that done we started working on our own individual designs. Kevin was in charge of the guy from the gasoline nation guy, Jeffery did solar power, and I did nuclear power. Anyway long story short, they gave their designs to me, I redrew them and then Kevin painted them all. There's always room for improvement but given our deadline, I think we did a decent job.

Kevin's Gas based design
Jeffery's Solar Power
And my Nuclear dude

So yeah, there you go.

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